Papafilippou S.A.

Company profile

klostoifantourgia - Papafilippou GP., company has been founded in 1978 by Christodoulo Papafilippou in the city of Naoussas, as yarns producer until 1999 when started producing acrylic blankets of high quality, following the development of market and a new philosophy, activity which has been continuous until today. From 1-1-1997, the company was converted into an S.A., under the title PAPAFILIPPOU S.A. TEXTILE NAOUSSSA, continuing its ascent route and we believe it will be so, for all the years to come, having succesfully managed to cooperate with the famous firm FISIPE, as we use for first material its famous acrylics exclusive in whole Greece and our trademark DREAM NAOUSSA, constitutes guarantee of the high quality.

On the other hand working with consequence and ardor all these years and impoving the quality also succeded to posses one of the first places in the market, beyond the competition. This is because our company with a great stratigic tactic managed to obtain the most famous blanket's company of Greece "VETLANS NAOUSSA", a copmany which was the leader in blankets market more over than 40 years.

The reputation we gathered as blankets manufactures ought to our responsibility, programming, strategics and methods with only one target. The high quality, the unique designs and beyond these the perfect servises towards our cooperators, something which is our credo. That's why we can managed to have in our cotumers list the biggest Hotels in Greece and Cyprus, as well as big hospitals, shipping companies and shops.

In 17 acre space, the 4.000 m2 factory, where the modern techology meets our experienced workers specialized at the textile art and also with our skilled administrative personel, our company builds its own tradition, always seeking out for new technology and renewing its equipment.

To conclude, experience shows that essential conditions effective superior quality are, continual research and renewal,appropriate choice of colors and designs, expanding and consolidating. To achieve all these it is essential for us to be in complete accord with our credo as stipulated above.

Our departments

  1. Administrative Dept (responsible persons: (K. Papafilippou-Af.Papafilippou)
  2. Financial Dept (responsible persons: Af.Papafilippou)
  3. Productive Dept (responsible persons: Ant. Anastasiou)

Ask from our people to give you all the details you need !

Papafilippou Konstantinos
Chairman of the board



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